Eurydice, a Descent into Infinity, GIFF 2021
International Immersive Works Competition

Eurydice, a Descent into Infinity

Eurydice, een afdaling in oneindigheid
Swiss Premiere
Celine Daemen
Operatic hike
2022, 25'
No Dialogue
Sterre Konijn
Like Orpheus, the spectator is invited to follow Eurydice on her endless descent into the Underworld. This opera, based on an original libretto, will transport you to a poetic space with a fierce pointillist beauty, between the material and the eternal.


For your comfort during the experience, we recommend that you do not wear heels.

A virtual reality opera, Eurydice is a resolutely physical work that is simultaneously intangible and immaterial. Like Orpheus, the spectator is invited to follow Eurydice on her endless descent into the Underworld. On ramps and steep paths, to the edge of vertiginous precipices, with the treasured soul ever close yet doomed to remain out of reach, this work of a fierce pointillist beauty will transport you to a space filled with poetry, to the bewitching strains of an original libretto, caught between the material and the eternal.
Laurent Kempf

Celine Daemen
Celine Daemen
Key collaborators
Key collaborators
Aron Fels (Virtual Art Director ), Charlotte Van Den Broeck (Librettist ), Kate Moore (Composer ), Wouter Snoei (Sound Designer and Composer ), Cyriel Verkuijlen (FX ), David McKay (Translation Libretto ), Eline Oppewal (Assistant VR Design ), Malou Minkjan (Technical Development ), Tommy Jansen (Assistant VR Design ), Yannick Verweij (Modelling assets )
Studio Nergens (Celine Daemen), Silbersee (Isha Plug, Dominique Slegers)
VIA ZUID (Jackie Smeets)
Sterre Konijn
Supported by
Performing Arts Fund NL, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Janivo Stichting, De Buren, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
World sales
Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf, Celine Daemen

Who's who, Celine Daemen, GIFF 2021
Celine Daemen
1995, Netherlands
Prior works
2021, Nergens (Nowhere)
2021, Monologues for Nothing
2019, De Opera van de Vallende Mens (The Opera of the Falling)


This work is part of the program Virtual Territories I, composed of several works.

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