XR Roadshow

In anticipation of the summer announcements regarding its 2023 program, GIFF is pleased to unveil the XR Roadshow initiative, which will travel across Switzerland starting in September. Initially, the project will focus primarily on schools in Geneva.

The GIFF XR Roadshow has been developed as part of the annualization of our cultural mediation programs. It is based on the creation of a mobile immersive setup: GIFF has transformed a caravan to offer an immersive experience to small groups in optimal conditions. This setup will enable the delivery of tailored programs to diverse audiences in various hosting spaces and structures. The GIFF XR Roadshow will be equipped with virtual and augmented reality experimentation stations, thus proposing, to wider audiences and more frequently, the exclusive experience reserved before to the festival’s period.

The operation of the XR Roadshow will be overseen by the Operational and Technical Manager of the Digital Program and the Head of Cultural Outreach of GIFF.


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