– GIFF 2021
, GIFF 2021

Le cinéma d’Alain Tanner entre réalisme et utopie

Preceded by a short films program on Alain Tanner
As part of the programmes on Alain Tanner, the scholar Domenico Lucchini (director of the CISA) will give a conference on the work of Alain Tanner, to whom he has dedicated a book that reviews and analyses his work.
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Tanner's films reveal the presence of a push towards a hypothesis of change, of difference, of a dream of the impossible. It is a question of seeing in reality and in fiction what utopia is still possible, what images of vitality remain in both an existing and an imaginary world that seems to have devoured itself with increasing and destructive voracity. In the oscillation between vision of reality and utopian journey, behavioural analysis and ecstatic escape, Tanner's cinema has addressed the theme of difference, sowing doubt through continuous intellectual provocation and the stylistic code of deconstruction and cinematic unveiling.

The conference is a tour of the articulated political/poetic mosaic of Tanner's cinema and its "wandering" characters.

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