6 x Alain Tanner – GIFF 2021
6 x Alain Tanner, GIFF 2021
Genève ça tourne redux

6 x Alain Tanner

World Premiere
2021, 45min
In presence of the directors Georges Boucard, Marie Leeman, Jeanne Nicolet, Marine Péris, Noémie Ruben and Camille Uliana.
Followed by a Conference on Alain Tanner.
Created by editing students from the HEAD Film Department, these six short films each present a different dimension of Alain Tanner's work. By interweaving interviews with the filmmaker based on the students' questions, extracts from his films and some of his writings, these short films question Alain Tanner's films, the first of which were made in the wake of 1968, and their resonance with our contemporary reality.
In collaboration with

La juste vitesse du fleuve by Georges Boucard
La Suisse n'existe pas by Noémie Ruben
Les aimer by Jeanne Nicolet
Ciné-discours et ciné-poème by Camille Uliana
Ailleurs by Marine Péris
Mai 68 by Marie Leeman

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