Biolum – GIFF 2022
Biolum, GIFF 2021
Future Is Sensible


Swiss Premiere
Abel Kohen
France, Germany
2021, 25min
Fiction, Science fiction, VR
VO. English
Charlotte Rampling, Dominique Tipper
Immersed in the body of a professional diver on an expedition, viewers sink into the deep ocean. Faced with the cosmic beauty of the abyss, their experience takes an unexpected turn when the fate of the protagonist is at stake.

Guided by the voice of her mentor Eva, Rachel dives alone to the bottom of the ocean for a scientific expedition. While strange phosphorescent parasites attack the fauna and flora, she is in turn infected and gradually discovers the real reason for this exploration. A cinematographic work with a science-fiction feel, Biolum immerses us into the beauty of the deep waters, which fill us with wonder with all the mystery they contain.


Abel Kohen
Key collaborators
Key collaborators
Jon Rowe (Writer)
Reynard Films (Katharina Weser), IKO (Igal Kohen)
Charlotte Rampling, Dominique Tipper
World sales
Igal Kohen

Abel Kohen, GIFF 2021
Abel Kohen
1986, France
Prior works
2011, Great News

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