Blowing Through the Curtains – GIFF 2022
Blowing Through the Curtains, GIFF 2021

Blowing Through the Curtains

International Premiere
Abner Preis
2020, 7min
Animation, VR, Docu-fiction
VO. English
Inspired a local doctor’s diary, written after the battle of Arnhem, Blowing Through the Curtains reinterprets this tragic episode of the Second World War through a fascinating collage in which past and present become one.

Blowing Through the Curtains takes the viewer into a world where visual and audio archival documents are mixed with contemporary illustrations; a collage of heterogeneous elements that tells the story of the infamous Battle of Arnhem. While the story refers to current situations of violence, loss and displacement, it also articulates a message of hope through a poetic and intimate testimony.


Abner Preis
Key collaborators
Key collaborators
Martijn Zandvliet (Developer)
Abner Preis Studios (Abner Preis)
Institute of Time (Firat Sezgin)
World sales
Firat Sezgin

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