It's Alive: A Journey Into Invisible Cinema – GIFF 2021
It's Alive: A Journey Into Invisible Cinema, GIFF 2021

It's Alive: A Journey Into Invisible Cinema

Stephan Eicher
Live act, Music
Stephan Eicher and GIFF take possession of cult venue Plaza, which will officially reopen its doors in 2023, for an exceptional evening. The aim? To pay tribute to films that were never made, through a unique and highly-spirited production.
Tickets will be available on site the night of the performance.

In 2020, film crews stopped shooting. Sets were deserted, movie theatres were empty. How might we express our admiration for those who, every day, fought tooth and nail for cinema to continue to exist? With the invaluable support of the Plaza Foundation, GIFF has teamed up with Stephan Eicher to pay tribute to them by resurrecting, for the duration of a show, a handful of scripts that never made it to the screen. Films to be projected on the canvas of your mind…

With Lola Giouse, Marc Giouse, Samuel Hercule, the Molto Cantabile, Métilde Weyergans, Reyn Ouwehand  Conception and curation : Stephan Eicher
Artistic collaboration : Emmanuel Cuenod
Texts Louis Ferdinand : Céline, Alfred Döblin 
Musical arrangements : Reyn Ouwehand
Choir : Molto Cantabile
Sound effects : Compagnie La Cordonnerie
Lighting : Anton Weber
Sound : Felix Laemmli
Stage Manager : Philippe Goulpeau
Automata production : Tony Decap                                              Production : Electric Unicorn Music ProductionCoproduction : GIFF

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