The Passengers – GIFF 2022
The Passengers, GIFF 2021
International Immersive Works Competition

Les Passagers

Swiss Premiere
Nicolas Peufaillit, Ziad Touma
Canada, France
2021, 40min
Animation, Fiction, VR, Interactive
VO. English, French
Sébastien Chassagne, Maxim Roy, Ethann Isidore Bergua
In a train that crosses the countryside, four passengers who seemingly have nothing in common share the same compartment. This poetic and interactive work invites viewers to take control of the story and to develop the narrative by immersing themselves in the thoughts of each protagonist.

Face to face or side by side, four passengers share the same compartment in a train that takes them through the countryside's idyllic landscapes. The Passengers invites us to enter the bodies and thoughts of the different characters and to relive the same moment from each of their perspectives. A subtle and poetic interactive work that tells how our past choices and memories inevitably affect our experience of the present moment.


Nicolas Peufaillit, Ziad Touma
Ziad Touma
Key collaborators
Key collaborators
Camille Duvelleroy (Based on an original idea by), Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako) (Based on an original idea by)
Nicolas Peufaillit
Les Produits Frais (Oriane Hurard), Couzin Films (Ziad Touma)
Sébastien Chassagne, Maxim Roy, Ethann Isidore Bergua, Evelyne Istria
Supported by
CNC Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, Fonds des médias du Canada, SODEC, Région Occitanie, DPT, Mocaplab, Post-Moderne
World sales
Couzin Films (Ziad Touma)

Nicolas Peufaillit, GIFF 2021
Nicolas Peufaillit
1973, France
Prior works
2020, Ørdesa (writer)
2009, Un prophète (co-writer)
Ziad Touma, GIFF 2021
Ziad Touma
1974, Lebanon/Canada
Prior works
2014, Le Judas

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