Park Chan-wook guest of honor at GIFF

For its 25thevent held from November 1 to 10, 2019, the Geneva International Film Festival // GIFF spotlights one of the greatest names in South-Korea’s film industry, Park Chan-wook.
In order to pay tribute to this major figure on the audiovisual landscape, GIFF will feature several original versions of his works, including the complete director’s cut of the series, The Little Drummer Girl.

The first name on GIFF’s 25th program, South-Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook will receive the Festival’s honorary prize, the Film & Beyond Award, during a special night. “A major figure in Asian cinema, Park Chan-wook has left a mark on the last two decades with baroque, opera-like and scathingly beautiful movies”, says GIFF Artistic Director Emmanuel Cuénod. “His recent, striking contribution to TV series has established his status as a key figure in the contemporary audiovisual industry.”

GIFF will dedicate a program to him, mainly comprising films in their original versions. Aside from the director’s cut of The Little Drummer Girl, Park Chan-wook’s first TV adventure, produced by the BBC and broadcasted on Canal+ will be screened in full for the first time at the movie theater. The public will also get to discover the new cuts of his two major feature films, Thirst and The Handmaiden. Three fascinating short movies will complement this tribute: Believe it or not (Ban-sin-ban-ui), Day Trip (Cheongchul-eoram) and Night Fishing (Paranmanjang).

In collaboration with watchmaking brand O.ZBINDEN, the Film & Beyond Award has rewarded the work of movie personalities who explore other formats and disciplines, since 2014. Park Chan-wook illustrates the Festival’s focus for 2019, i.e. highlighting the transversal nature of today’s artists and audiences. The filmmaker will be present at GIFF from November 1 to 6.

The Handmaiden

167 min, 2016


148 min, 2009

The Little Drummer Girl

60 min, 2018

Believe it or not

31 min, 2018

Day Trip

18 min, 2012

Night Fishing

33 min, 2011