With cinema theaters operating at partial capacity due to the impact of COVID-19, independent producers are forced to seek alternative distribution and revenue sources for back-catalog and upcoming films. In addition to the global platforms and the 30 market leaders gathered under the EuroVOD initiative, Europe alone has over a thousand digital platforms, OTTs and distribution channels, with a multitude of options available worldwide.


Yet not only independent producers are not well informed about the availability of these platforms, but the often lack skills and knowledge about which platforms to choose, how to build a VOD strategy, what assets to provide and how to leverage monetization in the long term.


This program proposes to remedy this lack by offering the attending professionals a practical and concrete approach focusing on the basic knowledge needed to launch and manage their films on a digital platform. The focus will be on presentations by industry experts from Europe and elsewhere, and practical case studies to give a 360° approach to the digital platform landscape.



November 8, from 2pm to 5:30pm





Opening Keynote: Welcome to the platform era: How to make sense of digital superplatforms for creators and producers?

What are the big shifts in the big platforms game and how independent producers and creators can utilize platforms to their benefit ?

With: Sander Saar, Digital Platforms Strategist, Head Of Strategy and Corporate Development, Non-Linear Media International, The Walt Disney Company (former), (EE)


2:20pm-2:30pm Open-ended questions from the audience


2:30-4pm Session I

Session will be broken down to small presentations of 12 min each followed by Q&A

  • Where’s the digital audience? Understanding what audience want to see, when, where and how ?

With: David Mühle, CEO of Playpilot, (SE)


  • What to deliver to succeed in digital distribution? Exploring assets, metadata and the long tail strategy

With: Mitch Mallon, CEO of Stadiem Media (US)


  • Is your film cutting through the noise ? Digital marketing and engagment basics for independent filmmakers

With: Birgit Karus, CEO of Noh Production (EE)


  • Marketing films during post cookie world. How, why and when engage a digital film marketing strategist for your independent ?

With: Ben Johnson, CEO of Gruvi (DK)

  • Data future: Why filmmakers and decision makers need to understand data driven decision making ?

With: Agustina Lumi, Head of Content & Marketing at usheru (IE)


16h00-17h00 AMA (ask me anything sessions)


17h00-17h30 Closing Keynote : Your next hit will not be …. theatrical. How platforms are enabling audience-driven and format revolution ?

With : Luke Hyams, Head of YouTube Originals EMEA (UK)




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The collapse of the traditional value chain of creation, production and distribution has pushed the independent film industry to look for new ways to make its work more efficient. Recent think tanks at IFFR and Berlinale have highlighted that all parts of the independent film community are looking for ways out of the crisis through innovative approaches – whether it’s using AI and data to better identify and reach audiences or understanding new technologies for post-production, collaboration, or monetization.


Europe already has a thriving FilmTech community, with recent surveys showing hundreds of pioneering companies looking to collaborate with the film industry. Yet, what producers seem to need is not to be introduced to new technologies, but to practice in collaboration with film technology companies to adapt these new approaches to their workflows.


This program will address this need by offering a series of collaborative sessions and hands-on training between European film technology innovators and independent industry professionals. The focus will be on the introduction of key technologies and skills, and how producers can use the new skills and platforms in their work.



November 9, from 2pm to 5:30pm




2pm-2:20pm Opening Keynote: How technology is fuelling a creative tsunami in storytelling. Exploring immersive, virtual production and virtual humans.

With : John Canning, Executive Producer, New Media & Experiential at Digital Domain (US)


2:20pm-2:30pm Open-ended questions from the audience


2:30pm-3:30pm Can next European indie hit be predicted by Artificial Intelligence?

  • What AI can already do for independent fillmakers and why and how producers should acquire basic data skills.

With : Sami Arpa, CEO of Largo (CH), Dirk Hofmann, Co-Founder, CEO of DAIN Studios (DE)


3:10pm-4pm Session I

Session will be broken down to small presentations of 12 min each followed by Q&A

  • Exploring the next frontier in film post production? From high end imaging to virtual production and beyond.


With: Wolf Bosse, Expert in Film and Innovation Management (DE)


  • Welcome to Nowhere: where future is not a rectangular screen. Exploring the explosion of creative metaverse

With: Jon Morris, CEO, Co-Founder of NOWHERE (US)


4pm-5pm AMA (ask me anything sessions)

5pm-5:30pmClosing Keynote : Debunking the Blockchain mystery

How decentralized technology enables fast, secure, and day to date recoupment for filmmakers

With : Maria Tanjala, Co-Founder FilmChain and Big Couch (RO)


5:20-5:30 Open-ended questions from the audience


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