President Anja Wyden Guelpa
director of civicLab et former Chancelière à l’État de Genève
Vice-president Joëlle Bertossa
producer at Close Up Films

Membres of the Fondation
Philippa de Roten, director of programs at RTS
Jean-Pierre Greff, director of HEAD-Genève
Pauline Gygax, producer at Rita Productions and Bandita Films
Neal Hartman, engineer at CERN
Adam Said, CEO of ACE & Company


Executive and Artistic Director Emmanuel Cuénod
Deputy Artistic Director Nathalie Gregoletto
Head of Communications and Partnership Camille Dubois
Administrator Tom Guex


Executive Director Emmanuel Cuénod
Administrator Tom Guex
Administrative Officers Mercè Monjé


Artistic Director Emmanuel Cuénod
Head of Programs Nathalie Gregoletto
Programs Coordinator Julia Schubiger
Head of Digital and Professional Programs (GDM – ex workflow) Paola Gazzani Marinelli
Digital and Professional Programs Coordinator Adeline Périnel
Features Programmer Gaëlle Vidalie
TV Series Programmers Maral Mohsenin
Scholar’s Programs Coordinator Marie Hippenmeyer


Head of Communications and Partnership Camille Dubois
Head of Digital Communication Lionel Devaux
Communication Assistant Lucie Emch
Digital Communication Assistant Adeleh Mojtahed
Press Officer Audrey Gros
Head of Documentation Thibault Zanoni
Graphic Artist Laura Cocchi

Webmaster Net Oxygen
Translators Alexander Craker, Caroline Cada


Head of Hospitality Juliette Papaloïzos
Head of Protocol and F&B Fréderique Poffet
Volunteers Coordinator Thierry Bouscayrol


Production Zoé Nguyen
VR Technical manager Alex Schuhmann
Technical Michael Pfenninger, Adrien Boulanger
Logistics Adrien Boulanger, Daniel Salhi, Rémi Scotto Di Carlo, Maxime Wagner
Video Fabien Jupille

Many thanks to all the interns and volunteers for taking part in the Festival!