This year, the GIFF poster is a movement. Conceived as a freeze frame, it suggests a before and after, a crossing in the plane which, stopped by the fixed image, reveals the effervescence of a frozen moment. Emerging from an infinite black depth at first, petals, a mutant form, an organic and liquid matter, virtual but very real. Then, by zooming in the image, we discover a weft, that of a digital canvas, a fictitious skeleton which allowed this flower to exist. As you can see, the poster of the 27th GIFF invites you to experience the imaginary and the new technologies that run through it.


Signed by the artist Benjamin Muzzin, the poster suggests movement, intertwining and passage to echo a plural era, crossed by doubts but also by infinite possibilities, where digital and reality intersect, embrace, to allow us a new look, a new imagination.


Benjamin is a Swiss artist working mainly with 3D moving images, and is one of the many interactive design artists that GIFF has been supporting for several years, through initiatives developed within the framework of the Geneva Digital Market (Swiss Interactive Sessions, call for Swiss fulldome film projects, etc.). By calling on him, GIFF is also recalling the Festival’s primary mission: to highlight the arts of storytelling and the artists who shape them. Graduated from ECAL in 2013, his works have traveled the world. His artistic practice consists of a constant research on the exit of the usual flat screen frame, reinforcing the idea that each animation should have its own custom designed screen. A favorite that resonates with the position that GIFF has defended since its inception: all screens.