Battlescar – Punk Was Invented by Girls

International immersive Works Competition

Battlescar - Punk Was Invented by Girls

Swiss Premiere
Martin Allais, Nicolas Casavecchia / France, United States of America / 2019 / 32 min / Animation, Drama


There are only a few places !

Lupe is a New York girl roaming through the derelict Bowery of the late ‘70s. Lupe, who keeps getting into trouble, discovers her true home: the CBGB Club and its crazy punks. This animation movie invents a new narrative by using the full potential of immersive creation.

Directed jointly by two old friends, Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais, BattleScar features a whirlwind of music and images that immerse us into the heart of New York’s 1970s punk scene. We follow two women, Lupe and Debbie, hoping to launch a punk band together and get a career in music. The work consists of three ten-minute episodes. After screening the first episode at GIFF in 2018, the Festival will present the complete series this year: BattleScar – Punk was Invented by Girls offers a unique narrative and plays with VR, showing a series of dioramas that evoke a theater stage, while being immersed in elements that loom such as texts, interjections, drawings… A means of bringing to life the music and journal of one of the two heroines.

Martin Allais, Nicolas Casavecchia
Martin Allais, Nicolas Casavecchia
Key collaborators
Mercedes Arturo (Scenario)
Pierre Michaud, Fauns
The Misstakes
ATLAS V (Arnaud Colinart), ATLAS V (Antoine Cayrol), ATLAS V (Pierre Zandrowicz), ATLAS V (Corentin Lambot)
FAUNS (Raphaël Penasa), 1staveMachine (Andrew Geller), RYOT (Jake Sally), ARTE France (Marianne Levy-Leblond), Kaleidoscope (René Pinnell)
Rosario Dawson
International sales
ATLAS V (Arnaud Colinart)

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