The supplier’s (Ticketack) responsibility regarding the buyer is exclusively limited to a service provider function. The supplier cannot be held responsible of any of the organiser’s (Fondation GIFF) modifications.



When checking the box “I have read, understood and approved the terms and conditions, I wish to pay now” when choosing your form of payment, you declare to accept fully these conditions. The data saved by the ticket office constitutes proof of all transactions.



3.1 – The organiser guarantees the reservation on presentation of the printed ticket to the ticketing staff, up to five minutes before the screening time. Past this deadline, the buyer will lose his reservation guarantee. Access to the venue will then depends on seat availability.


3.2 – The presentation of a home-printed ticket to the ticketing staff is essential. In case of forgetfulness, loss or theft of the ticket, the admission to the venue will depends on seat availability. Printing a reservation at the venue is not an option.


3.3 – The e-ticket is only valid if printed on white, two-sided blank A4 paper. The entry to the event is subject to verification of the validity of your e-ticket via the two printed barcodes.


3.4 – An optimum printing quality is necessary. The partially printed, dirty, damaged or illegible e-tickets will not be accepted and will be considered as invalid. In the case of an incident or poor print quality, you must print again your PDF file. To check the good print quality, make sure that the information as well as the barcode on the ticket are clearly legible.



4.1 – Generally, we recommend you to arrive at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the event.


4.2 – During the event, customers undertake to respect the rules of good conduct and safety set by the organizer. Furthermore, the acquisition of an e-ticket implies adherence to the internal regulations of the venue.


4.3 – Any other specific information relating to the venue access (especially in case of cancellation) will be transmitted to the buyer by using the e-mail address provided in the reservation form.



5.1 – Tickets will not be taken back, exchanged or refund.


5.2 – In case of an event cancellation by the organizer, Fondation GIFF, will refund the ticket. Potential extra costs paid by the buyer to come to the Geneva International Film Festival // GIFF will not be refunded.


5.3 – In the event that the Fondation GIFF cannot, due to extraordinary circumstances, fulfil all or part of its obligations towards a buyer, this commitment will be cancelled and neither party will be able to claim any compensation.



Any unauthorised reproduction or distribution of all or part of the elements and information composing this site is forbidden.



The French version of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Fondation GIFF is authoritative. Thank you for your understanding!