Geneva International Film Festival’s International Features Competition puts the spotlight over ten films, all Swiss premieres, that turn conventions upside down and pave the way for new types of fiction with a unique approach to filmmaking, original screenwriting and innovative visions. Awarded by an international jury of experts, the Reflet d’Or prize for Best Feature is worth CHF 10,000.


Through its 25-year-old International TV Series Competition, GIFF pays tribute to the creative power of a major contemporary genre. Carried by authors who have successfully established their name and vision and who contribute to open up new prospects for contemporary TV, the ten, hand-picked pilots, all unseen in Switzerland, all compete for the Reflet d’Or prize for Best TV Series, worth CHF 10,000 and awarded by an international jury of experts.


A pioneer in the field of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, GIFF has now become one of the first film festivals in the world to host an International Immersive Works Competition, featuring a selection of ten or so digital works that transform in-depth our perception of audiovisual narratives at the start of the third millennium. All are Swiss premieres and are considered by an international jury of experts who award the Reflet d’Or prize, worth CHF 10,000, to the year’s best immersive work.



The section for all of GIFF’s major events! International and Swiss premieres, uncut versions of long-awaited TV series, special projects and in-house collaborations, awards and tributes, and unique digital installations: The Highlights spring surprises and turn the Festival upside-down.


A selection of film, TV and digital projects gathered from all over the word that gauge the pulse of contemporary creation with its priorities, follies and excesses. Screams of rage or of love, heart-stoppers and instant hits: an inventory in pictures of the world we live in.


When GIFF’s digital, film and TV curators sit at a table together to share rare gems extracted from the contemporary audiovisual flow, the result is Stream, i.e. the freest and most open section at GIFF. Also, don’t miss Stream Kids, our convergent programs for young audiences.


Dedicated to sound as well as images, Bande originale (Soundtrack) focuses on music enhanced by images in documentaries and feature films, TV series, traditional and immersive video clip programs, as well as cine-concerts, live performances and DJ sets: GIFF pumps up the volume and raises the temperature!


Dystopian series, futuristic movies, sci-fi VR works, exploratory technology and new narrative modes: GIFF’s prospective section invites festivalgoers to explore future possibilities, from the darkest to the most brilliant, and to remember that the future is being built right now.

Film & Beyond Award and Geneva Award completes with panache the picture of this out-of-competition section by rewarding the career of key artists in the audiovisual industry.