Geneva Digital Market
New Digital Talents

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Wednesday November 7 // 10:00 - 12:30 // GDM venue (PITOËFF 2)
New Digital Talents (NDT) is a program designed to highlight the most innovative creators, companies and artist collectives in contemporary audiovisual digital production. Fifteen Swiss and European digital companies are invited to present their know-how in terms of digital creation to an audience of key digital players. Thanks to the support of Engagement Migros, the program also features a match-making module.
To meet the New Digital Talents please contact:
Ado Ato produces high-quality films, as well as sophisticated television content, immersive virtual and mixed reality experiences, music videos, podcasts, and commercials internationally. They strive to use the latest media approaches to bring these projects to life in the most captivating ways, and aim to produce works that will linger in the imagination of their audiences long after the screen has gone black. Their award-winning work has been seen from Annecy and Sheffield DocFest to Frameline and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
Giulia Bowinkel and Friedemann Banz form the Berlin-based artist duo Banz & Bowinkel. In their work, Banz & Bowinkel produce artworks that shift between moving images, virtual sculptures and snapshots. Technological tools that have become an integral part of contemporary society serve as source and material – the computer becomes a tool and the interactions with it the subject of their research. Their multiple award-winning work has been exhibited at the Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach, the House of Electronic Arts in Basel as well as the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.
The INVIVO collective is made up of authors, light and sound designers, video artists and scenographers Alexia Chandon-Piazza, Julien Dubuc, Chloé Dumas, Grégoire Durrande and Samuel Sérandour. Together, they explore the potential of the stage to create unique pieces at the crossroads of immersive and digital arts and theater. For each project, the collective develops a hybrid approach that addresses the place and perception of the audience. After Parfois je rêve que je vois and Blackout, the collective is now on tour with 24/7, a show for 40 people, part of which is in virtual reality.
ENCOR is a studio founded by Swiss artists Mirko Eremita, David Houncheringer, Valerio Spoletini & Manuel Oberholzer. They create performative and sculptural installations that are inspired by graphic design, architecture, mathematics and sound. Each piece brings a perception of the work in its global temporality, from its origins to its goals, with the common thread of light that is found in different forms in each project. The studio's work has been exhibited internationally in many institutions and festivals.
Marc Zimmermann (aka. epicscapes) is a digital artist from Germany with a passion for visual effects, digital environments and matte painting. Besides working as a freelancer for film and advertising, he consistently creates personal projects that use landscapes and environments to tell stories and provoke emotions. In his personal projects, he creates everything from concept art to music and sound design. Since 2016, he is digging deeper into the realm of virtual reality, which he discovered as the perfect medium for his research.
GENGISKHAN – VR with a Soul, is a studio for immersive creations, founded in 2015 by Line et Jean-Baptiste Bruceña, film producers, and Laurent Bazin, stage director. They gather a hybrid team to explore the power of new immersive technologies. Their studio’s ambition is to elevate the art of storytelling with immersive and intimate creations that reconnect viewers with their deepest emotions.
INT studio, founded by Laura Perrenoud, David Colombini, and Marc Dubois, works at the intersection of art direction, interactive scenography and creative programming. They combine innovative technology with curiosity and advise clients on ways of using new technologies to improve their communication strategy. INT studio brings together a multidisciplinary team with a diverse skill-set in art direction, visual arts, software programming and product design. They are also the artists and designers behind the art practice Fragmentin.
Kairos Studio GmbH is a modern, collaborative creative bureau based in Zurich. Working across disciplines, their outputs range from films, motion/digital design, online platforms, art direction, creative strategy and technological solutions for modern communications. They develop local and international relationships by collaborating with clients in the commercial, cultural and public sector. They further run a series of in-house research projects and platforms to engage with different disciplines and wider discourse on contemporary visual culture.
Marshmallow Laser Feast is a creative studio that explores technology to make work which reinterprets the idea of human perception. Their expertise has earned a reputation for creating the seemingly impossible — for producing installations that push boundaries, redefine expectations and excite audiences worldwide. Their work is responsive and spans kinetic sculpture, film, live performance and virtual reality.
Founded by Mélanie Courtinat, artist and media interaction designer and Quentin Dubret, artistic director, PastorPlaczek explores the principle of interaction and reconsiders artistic production methods through mixed realities and video games. Multiplying the media and prototyping the principles of interaction, their personal and commercial projects explore their relationship to new vocabularies and digital spaces.
Combining their personal experiences in research on sound, light, and space, Camille de Dieu and Laurent Novac – artist and engineer – founded Studio Z1. They create immersive performances and contemporary art installations using home-made digital tools that recall upon a range of techniques and mediums (projection mapping, 3D modeling, etc). By creating universes that manipulate and transform shapes, textures and sounds, the public is invited to evolve into new environments. Their work has been exhibited in venues such as SAT-Montréal, HeK-Basel, Mirage-Lyon, and many more.
WOWL is a studio specialized in 360°/3D immersive content. From industry to marketing events, including the field of culture and arts, its goal is to provide an innovative and powerful experience to people through different supports such as virtual reality, web, social media and video. WOWL’s backdrop of experiences interacts end-to-end business applications towards volumetrically intensified storytelling.