Full rate: 120 CHF
Reduced rate: 90 CHF (AVS, unemployed, AI, senior, 20ans/20francs card, students, apprentices, under 20 years, FNAC Member)

The GIFF Pass allows you to attend any event of the festival. It gives access to a maximum of 8 events by day, within the limit of available seats. It is imperative to reserve a seat before the projection, on internet or in one of the Festival’s Ticket Office. The GIFF pass is nominative and non-transmittable. Only one person can access to the venue for each event.



Full price: 14 CHF
Reduced price: 10 CHF
Youth price: 10 CHF
20ans/20francs card price: 8 CHF
Accreditation price: 7 CHF (for Highlights)

Special Projects
Full price: 24 CHF
Accreditation price: 12 CHF

This prices are applied for the following special projects: Rollman x Marguet x Eisenstein, Crash, Masterclass with Xavier Dolan

Our tickets and passes are also on sale at FNAC Geneva.


Virtual Territories
Single price: 12 CHF for access to the different rooms of the Virtual Territories for one day

Cinema VR
Single price: 7 CHF for a session

Special Projects VR
Full price: 14 CHF
Accreditation price: 7 CHF

This prices are applied for the following special projects: Mechanical Souls, Éden

Total VR Day
Single price: 30 CHF for access to the various rooms of the virtual territories, to VR Cinema sessions and to special projects Mechanical Souls and Eden, for one day.



The GIFF 2019 series program is offered by Swissroc.

Geneva Digital Market (GDM)

Web series & Video clips programs

Nuits blanches (DJ set) – free entrance, then 10 CHF after midnight


Online purchase:

Central Ticket Office

Maison Communale de Plainpalais (Pitoëff)
Rue de Carouge 52
1205 Genève
+41 (0)76 813 53 87

Everyday during the Festival (from the 1st to the 10th of November):
Opening time : 45 minutes before the beginning of the first event of the day, then nonstop
Closing time : 15 minutes after the beginning of the last event of the day


Reduced price: AVS, unemployed, AI, Fnac Member
Youth price: Students, apprentices, under 20 years
Accreditation price: reserved for accredited people

Holders of a discount must spontaneously submit valid proof of entry. The organizer will claim the supplement at full price, if the proof is not valid.

The chéquier culture is accepted by the Festival. Measure subsidized by the City of Geneva and the partner municipalities.

The youth and 20ans/20francs prices are subsidized by the Republic and Canton of Geneva.


– It is strongly recommended to arrive at least 20 minutes before the screening/event.

– In case of absence from you, 5 minutes before the start of the projection/event, your places will be reassigned. Since then, access to the room will be allowed only within the limits of available seats.

– The Festival reserves the right not to allow latecomers to enter – even in possession of a valid ticket – without refund or exchange.


General Terms & conditions of Sales 
General Data Protection Regulation

If you have any questions about the ticketing, please contact us: