Our Digital Selves was born out of reflection on a festival’s role in promoting and distributing works in times of crisis, and the prospects for active support to the Swiss digital scene – support that GIFF has always asserted by identifying over the years the most relevant practices and the most pressing issues in this sector. Bringing together a selection of works reinterpreted or created specifically for the exhibition by Swiss creators who have benefited from our professional program, the Geneva Digital Market, Our Digital Selves aims to open new territories of thought and action upon our contemporary digitalities. The works presented here address the possible forms and formats of this digital materiality: they oscillate between the strange beauty of urban spaces and that of organic components, reveal the complexity of the gestures of the human, the virtual and the robotic body – to the point of confusing and merging them, generating new realities.

Recommended age: from 8 years old (unless otherwise specified)
Untitled 10 (Be Arielle F) by Simon Senn : from 16 years old

Fr 6 : 18h – 00h
Sa 7 : 14h – 00h30
Su 8 : 14h – 21h30
Mo 9 : 14h – 21h30
Tu 10 : 14h – 21h30
We 11 : 14h – 15h30
Th 12 : 14h – 17h
Fr 13 : 14h – 00h30
Sa 14 : 14h – 00h30
Su 15 : 14h – 21h30
Every 90 minutes, on reservation

The exhibition is free of charge, on reservation. Choose a date, then a time to reserve your entry.

Abraxas, Sebastian Vargas
World Premiere
Sebastian Vargas, France, Switzerland, 2020, 20 min
Beyond, Sophie Le Meillour, Fabrice Starzinskas
World Premiere
Sophie Le Meillour, Fabrice Starzinskas, Switzerland, 2020
Handshake, AATB
World Premiere
AATB, Switzerland, 2020
Olimpia, Martin Hertig
World Premiere
Martin Hertig, Switzerland, 2020
The Soothsayings of Iris, Maria Guta, Lauren Huret
World Premiere
The Soothsayings of Iris
Maria Guta, Lauren Huret, Switzerland, 2020, 21 min
Untitled 10 (Be Arielle F), Simon Senn
World Premiere
Untitled 10 (Be Arielle F)
Simon Senn, Switzerland, 2020, 6 min
Updating Kairo[s], Isis Fahmy, Benoît Renaudin
World Premiere
Updating Kairo[s]
Isis Fahmy, Benoît Renaudin, Switzerland, 2020, 15 min
Wndow, Camille de Dieu, Laurent Novac, Quentin Berthet
World Premiere
Camille de Dieu, Laurent Novac, Quentin Berthet, Switzerland, 2020