Masterclass Alexandre Astier, GIFF 2021

Masterclass Alexandre Astier

Saturday, November 5
17:30 – 18:30
Since 2014 the Film & Beyond Award has been highlighting inspiring journeys of out-of-the-box storytellers whose visions shine across multiple artistic and audiovisual formats. For its 28th edition, the GIFF honors French actor, author, director, composer, screenwriter, producer, editor and musician Alexandre Astier. He reached the status of cult author thanks to his narrative universe Kaamelott, a serial satire inspired by the Arthurian legend created in 2005, which was later adapted into a graphic novel and on the big screen with the first part of a trilogy released in 2021. His boundless creativity also inspired him to write several outstanding scripts, shows and musical compositions. A public encounter will delve into the creative secrets of this major artist.
Saturday 5 Nov. 2022 | 17:30


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