Landscapes with the Fall of Icarus, GIFF 2021

Landscapes with the Fall of Icarus

International Premiere
Nacoca Ko
Development Stage
2021, 8'
No Dialogue, English
ST. English
Nacoca Ko relates her personal reality starting from external landscapes into the landscape of the Internet and the anxious landscape of her own mind. As a kind of footnote, in the tradition of Breughel the Elder’s painting, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, the hero who romanticises progress drowns unnoticed in the waves of Deep Time.


Who's who, Nacoca Ko, GIFF 2021
Nacoca Ko
Nacoca Ko is an American artist and curator in Geneva, Switzerland. Her work is a near-future exploration where virtual images swell and infiltrate a rifted materiality, seeding new cultural narratives. Questioning how recent technology influences our imaginary production, she moves between raw matter, concise digital image, and video to investigate consciousness and our experiences of reality.
Prior works
Rapid Skye Movement, 2021/2022 - and Espace L, Geneva
installation, videos, lasercut plexiglass

To Spawn a Door in the Land of Broken Mirrors, 2022 -
curated video exhibition online, and at Mock Jungle Bologna

Manuka Glass, 2019-2022 -
curated the collaborative video, Incantation,
most recently shown at Mock Jungle, Bologna
Who's who, Nacoca Ko, GIFF 2021

Nacoca Ko

Artist, Creator

Onsite & Online


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