My Dear Lover, GIFF 2021

My Dear Lover

Milva Stutz
Development Stage
VO. English
A figure is yearning for an impossible touch. While one hand is trying to get into contact with the surface of an amorphous body, a faraway voice reads a love letter. The longed for lover might well stand for an imaginary body, upon which insecurities around human / non-human as well as digital / analogue relationships are played out.


Who's who, Milva Stutz, GIFF 2021
Milva Stutz
Milva Stutz's work relates to subjects around the human body, intimacies, emotional worlds and technology. Her practice includes animated videos, drawings, and sculptures. The recent animated videos are hybrids of digital 3D animation and hand-animated stop-motion sequences. In the interplay of digital and analog, Milva is interested in the relation of animate and inanimate matter.
Who's who, Milva Stutz, GIFF 2021

Milva Stutz




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