Proof of Faith, GIFF 2021

Proof of Faith

Chloé Michel
Development Stage
VO. English
Proof of Faith is an interactive experience reflecting on how ideological positions surrounding blockchain technologies are embedded within the practices and conceptions that we commonly identify as religions. It focuses on the mining rig as the new technological altar to which the miners devote themselves.


Who's who, Chloé Michel, GIFF 2021
Chloé Michel
Chloé Michel is an interactive and media designer graduate from HEAD, Geneva in MA Media Design. Her work and skills range from creative programming, electronics, interaction design in the field of video game and scenography, to visual arts. She works with code and data in order to question the perception of new media technologies as vehicles of human progress, the cultural environments from which they emerge or develop, and the possibilities they offer for understanding the world and its future. Her projects are at the bridge between physical objects and digital content/concepts and find their roots in theoretical research on digital humanities.
Who's who, Chloé Michel, GIFF 2021

Chloé Michel

Artist, Interactive Media Designer

Onsite & Online


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