The Man Who Died, GIFF 2021
© Jukka Koskinen
International Series Competition

The Man Who Died

Mies joka kuoli
Swiss Premiere
Brendan Foley, Markku Flink, Samuli Valkama
Finland, Germany, 2022
Serie : 6x43'
Episodes1-2/6 (91')
Online (from 13.11)
VO. Finnish, English
ST. English, French
Rollercoaster nordic noir
Jussi Vatanen, Saara Kotkaniemi, Sara Soulié
In presence of Markku Flink and Samuli Valkama, Sunday November 6.
If your doctor said to you: "We're going to poison you slowly", you probably wouldn't react like Jaakko. Taking a stoic approach, he decides to investigate his own murder. It's a tall order and a hilarious story.

After suffering from headaches and stomach pains, Jaakko, a Finnish exporter of matsutake, a type of mushroom that sells for a fortune in Japan, goes to see a doctor. But the diagnosis he's given is hard to swallow: "You are dying" and "You are being slowly poisoned". Placed in an uncomfortable position, to say the least, he decides to investigate his own murder before he kicks the bucket. Jussi Vatanen's unflappable expression that, in the most hopeless or extraordinary situations, conveys just the slightest suggestion of weariness, injects this adaptation of Antti Tuomainen's bestseller with a dose of dark humor like only the Scandinavians know how.
Anna Percival

Brendan Foley, Markku Flink, Samuli Valkama
Samuli Valkama
Brendan Foley
Anssi Leino
Toni Tikkanen
Pietari Koskinen
Lasse Enersen
ReelMedia Oy (Markku Flink)
ndF International (Eric Welbers)
Executive Production
ReelMedia (Johanna Enäsuo, Marko Röhr), ndF International (Joe Broido, Eric Welbers), Elisa (Laura Kuulasmaa)
Jussi Vatanen, Saara Kotkaniemi, Sara Soulié, Eiji Mihara, Kari Hietalahti, Matti Onnismaa, Elias Westerberg
World sales
Endeavor Content
Elisa Viihde

Brendan Foley, GIFF 2021
Brendan Foley
1964, United Kingdom
Prior works
2022, The Man who Died
2020, Cold Courage
2010, Shelldon
2007, The Riddle
2006, Johnny Was
Who's who, Markku Flink, GIFF 2021
Markku Flink
1964, Finland
Prior works
2022, Mies joka kuoli
2020, Cold Courage
2012, Miss Blue Jeans
2005, Valo
Who's who, Samuli Valkama, GIFF 2021
Samuli Valkama
1974, Finland
Prior works
2022, The Man Who Died
2019, Maanantai
2019, Kolmistaan
2017, Saattokeikka
Sunday 6 Nov. 2022 | 13:00
Thursday 10 Nov. 2022 | 16:15


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