The Sound of Others, GIFF 2021

Le bruit des autres

International Premiere
Lison Christe
Development Stage
2022, 12'
VO. French, English
The Sound of Others is an audio-visual installation that places nine spectators in the position of actors. Through an audio, a narrator invites you to enter a collective intimacy. In the space of a short daily commute, you will be immersed in an adventure where our routine becomes an intimate poem.


Who's who, Lison Christe, GIFF 2021
Lison Christe
Lison Christe is an Interaction & Multimedia Designer who graduated from ECAL with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and from HEAD with a Master's degree in Media Design. She passes on her expertise in sound, scenography, lighting, electronics and digital visualization to her students at HEAD and ECAL. Besides, she also works as an independent audiovisual artist. Her productions navigate between the tangible and the digital, taking you by the hand and leading you into a sensitive world, on the lookout for the little stories hidden in our daily lives.
Prior works
Dessine-moi un jardin (2021)
Alpha Wave (2021)
Who's who, Lison Christe, GIFF 2021

Lison Christe

Interaction & Multimedia Designer


Onsite & Online


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