the continuation of the giff series from your home!

This year, GIFF is presenting the series in a new way: the first two episodes of each competition series, as well as two non-competition series, are presented in theaters and the remaining episodes are available to the public online.

With this initiative, GIFF intends to present the works in their entirety, as they were conceived, and to offer its audience a chance to discover the series that they would otherwise not have the opportunity to view.


  • Who Shot Otto Mueller (International Series Competition)
  • Thieves Like Us (International Series Competition)
  • The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe (International Series Competition)
  • Twisted Strings (International Series Competition)
  • The Man Who Died (International Series Competition)
  • The Dark Heart (International Series Competition)
  • Le Temps des framboises (International Series Competition)
  • Des gens bien (International Series Competition)
  • Bloody Murray (International Series Competition)
  • Headhunters (International Series Competition)
  • The Shift (out of competition series)
  • Marriage (out of competition series)


and is available through a collaboration with Festivalscope/Shift72.

The series are not available for purchase or rental, but only through an individual promo code.

This code can be found either on the ticket, or on the pass or accreditation, under the name FESTIVALSCOPE VOUCHER.

The code only gives access to the rest of the episodes of each series whose spectators have seen the first two episodes in theaters during the GIFF.

The platform is online until December 14, and once a series has started, it can be viewed for 5 days.

In order to watch the rest of the series, here are the steps to follow: – Go to – Create an account using the dedicated button at the top left (mandatory step). – Then click on the series for which you have the code. – Enter the code when requested and the series will be available.


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