From 7 to 9 December 2018, the Geneva International Film Festival is connecting to the Stadtmuseum in Aarau to present a selection of virtual reality works from its 24th edition. Being the eighth and final PLUGS program of the year, this incursion into the German-speaking part of Switzerland concludes twelve months of GIFF programming around the world.

Opening on 7 December at 18:00 / 8-9 December from 11:00 to 17:00

A Thin Black Line

Douglas Watkin, Oscar Raby/ 12 min / 2017 / Australia / Documentary, Animation

Patima was five when she had to flee the city of Darwin that was bombed by the Japanese in 1942. A virtual animated documentary that reflects on memory and heartbreaks, supported by the wonderful animation of artist Vernon Ah Kee.

Eyes in the Red Wind

Lee Sngmoo / 12 min / 2017 / South Korea / Drama

On a boat, a shaman begins a ritual to accompany the soul of a deceased man in front of his family and friends. A spirit watches. A spirit reacts. The truth surfaces. A dizzying 360-degree sequence-shot that explores the cinematic potential of virtual reality. Genius.

The Bridge

Nikita Shalenny / 10 min / 2017 / Ukraine, Denmark / Animation, Experimental

A bridge in the fog. Silhouettes running at our side. Are we fleeing? Are we heading towards history? The personal answer takes us 40,000 kilometers in a few minutes. Enhanced by Shalenny’s animation, a race against time, against mankind and against oneself.

Unframed: Intimacies by Félix Vallotton

Martin Charrière/ 7 min / 2018 / Switzerland / Animation


In 1898, Swiss artist Félix Vallotton produced a series of woodcuts entitled Intimités which represent ten moments in the love life of famous Parisian pianist Misia Sert. To revisit this work, this VR project in the Hors-Cadre series imagines what the musician replies to the artist. Fascinating.