Founded in 1995, the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) is Geneva’s oldest film festival and one of the first in the world to include television in its programs. A crossroads of genres and disciplines, a place of experimentation, encounters and celebration, it offers every year for ten days, films, series, interactive installations and virtual reality works to some 50,000 festival-goers. The largest space in Switzerland dedicated to immersive arts, the GIFF has become one of the major events in Europe.

At the heart of the event is the Geneva Digital Market, a unique event in Switzerland dedicated to audiovisual innovation. Professionals of the image, industrialists and theoreticians from all over the world meet, debate and exchange on what makes the audiovisual universe of today and what will cross it tomorrow.

GIFF is also active throughout the year through its mediation program and its GIFF UNLIMITED program, which brings together each year a series of events organized in partnership with other Swiss and foreign institutions, festivals and markets.

Recognized as a strategic player in the development of the audiovisual sector in Switzerland, GIFF is supported by the City and State of Geneva, the Federal Office of Culture, SRG SSR, MEDIA Desk Suisse, Focal, SWISSPERFORM, as well as numerous private actors.

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Gilles Marchand & Pascal Crittin

Director General of SSR Director of RTS

The Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), a crossroads of genres and audiovisual disciplines, once again brings together the public, be they professionals or enthusiasts, to experience and share emotions around creations from around the globe.

As historical partners of the festival, the SSR and the RTS are proud to continue their support to the GIFF. The festival has established itself as an essential rendez-vous for digital productions. SSR and RTS also encourage these new audiovisual forms, and in an even more committed way through the Foundation for Digital Creation. On November 9, the Foundation will present its objectives during the Geneva Digital Market (GDM) and the Digital Night.

This year again, we are pleased to offer you a preview of the following series: La vie Devant, Les Enquêtes de Maëlys and the second season of Tschugger. On Play Suisse, a selection of GIFF films will be available on all your screens. Finally, RTS will have the pleasure of hosting the GDM in its Geneva studios for unique professional meetings in Switzerland.

We are looking forward to sharing this 28th edition which promises to be rich in discoveries.


Thierry Apothéloz

State Councillor in charge of the Department of Social Cohesion

Each year, GIFF positions itself a little further as an essential platform for exchange and experimentation for both the public and professionals. In a world in perpetual motion, GIFF is also a precious tool for understanding the challenges of digital creation, and they are manifold. In this spirit, the canton of Geneva supports the professional arm of the festival, the Geneva Digital Market, in order to continue to support and strengthen the development of the creative industries in Switzerland and in Europe. It is also with a view to supporting the creators of the industry that the canton makes a financial contribution to the programming of GIFF Unlimited, which takes place internationally throughout the year, as well as to the three Reflets d’Or awarded jointly with the City of Geneva. It is this approach, which includes all the components of research and cultural production, that I defend so that Geneva can fully play its role as a crossroads of ideas and innovation.


Sami Kanaan

Administrative Councillor in charge of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition

A festival? A platform? A nerve center? The Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) is all this and more. It’s a time open to experiences, to diving into the world of immersive arts, to discovering the fusion between art and cutting-edge technology.
At the beginning of November, the festival returns with a program that we owe, in its entirety, to its director Anaïs Emery. Its first edition away from the clutches of the coronavirus. But an edition marked by the accelerated development of new technologies, consequence of this pandemic.

The GIFF continues its journey, accompanied by the new RTS Digital Creation Center, the Plaza, which is shaping its future, and Dreamscape, which opened during the summer. As a pioneer in this field, GIFF is today a central piece in the construction of an innovative and creative Geneva, a Geneva that is consolidating its know-how and skills in this field on the international scene.

Enjoy the festival!

éditos du Geneva digital market


Corinna Marschall

Managing Director of MEDIA Desk Suisse

From film to digital installations, immersive worlds, and decentralized finance – from different types of storytelling to imaginary spaces and reliable, transparent ways of sharing rights: Geneva Digital Market (GDM) is the industry event in Switzerland that aims at bringing together professionals from all these domains, and across borders. GDM tries to break down the buzzwords into real-life encounters between you and me, between creators, producers, and techies.

I hope that the renewed support of the MEDIA Compensating Measures for GDM contributes to a great number of “ideas having sex”, the phrase Matt Ridley famously coined: That’s how innovation starts.

Stay curious!


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Who's who, Anaïs Emery, GIFF 2021

Anaïs Emery

executive and artistic director

With its convergent selection which contrasts cinema with other formats, the GIFF positions itself as an audiovisual culture festival in the broadest sense. The event explores the new possibilities offered to fiction by image technologies through an inclusive understanding of the 7th art.

The diversity and audacity of our program evolves our understanding of the current plethora of audiovisual art. It leads where traditional recommendations and algorithms cannot. It’s a unique proposition that I hope will inspire and entertain.

The Geneva Digital Market – Switzerland’s only market dedicated to audiovisual innovation – extends this approach to the professional sector. Its conferences and continuing training courses shed light on the challenges and developments of the creative industries, while our market is full of tangible opportunities and potential for the Swiss and international scene. The GIFF constellation offers the opportunity to take the pulse of contemporary creation and to take part in it… a new field of possibilities for our audiences.


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