On the first weekend of February, GIFF’s VR Museum is invited to La julienne, Maison des arts et de la culture in Plan-les-Ouates to showcase virtual reality works featuring famous paintings. Within these canvases, characters come to life and express themselves. In this way, the public literally plunges into these major works and finds itself projected into an imaginary and sensory universe, a world at the frontier of reality, nourished by the painter’s psyche.

Schedule VR Museum @ La julienne, February 1 – 3, 2019
Friday February 1st: 5pm-8pm – opening aperitif at 5.30pm
Saturday, February 2nd: 11am-7pm
Sunday, February 3rs: 11am – 6pm

From 12 years old. Free admission

GIFF 2022

Unframed: Isle of the Dead

Martin Charrière / 6 min/ 2017 / Switzerland

The Isle of the Dead, by Arnold Böcklin is probably one of most internationally-renowned Swiss paintings. Led by the irreverent Yann Marguet, this VR immersion in an artwork looks more like an acid trip than a museum tour.

GIFF 2022

Unframed: Intimacies, Félix Vallotton

Martin Charrière / 7 min / 2018 / Switzerland

In 1898, Swiss artist Félix Vallotton produced a series of woodcuts entitled Intimités which represent ten moments in the love life of famous Parisian pianist Misia Sert. To revisit this work, this VR project in the Hors-Cadre series imagines what the musician replies to the artist. Fascinating.

GIFF 2022

Hors-Cadre: Hodler

Martin Charrière / 2 episodes / 2018-2019 / Switzerland

An interactive virtual reality experience through Hodler’s work. This path leads the viewer to discover two of the artist’s iconic paintings: The Woodcutter and The Night, and thus allows a journey through their history and emotions.

GIFF 2022

A Bar at the Folies Bergère

Gabrielle Lissot / 6 min / 2018 / France

Steeped in the strangeness of its impossible appointments, A Bar at the Folies Bergère has remained one of Manet’s most enigmatic paintings. This VR project pays tribute to him by multiplying narrative viewpoints around the work. A rediscovery.

GIFF 2022


Dan Smith / 7 min / 2018 / United Kingdom

Living legend of nature documentaries, Sir David Attenborough materializes before us and immerses us with passion into the delights of zoology in the heart of the Natural History Museum. One of the greatest successes of museum VR.

GIFF 2022


Nikita Shalenny / 10 min / 2017 / Ukraine, Denmark

A bridge in the fog. Silhouettes running at our side. Are we fleeing? Are we heading towards history? The personal answer takes us 40,000 kilometers in a few minutes. Enhanced by Shalenny’s animation, a race against time, against mankind and against oneself.


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