For the 3rd year in a row, the Swiss artist Benjamin Muzzin has designed the poster for the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), subtly blending the legacy of the past with future perspectives, at the heart of the event’s reflections.

« For this 2023 edition, the GIFF’s logo is once again placed at the heart of the visual around which the poster’s narrative unfolds. Fluid shapes and textures evoke the many narrative genres presented at the Festival, merging harmoniously with new technologies. Gold and bronze hues echo the rich and ancient history of cinema, positioning GIFF at the crossroads of genres and image technologies. The subtly transparent logo is like a cinematic window opening onto new worlds. »
– Benjamin Muzzin

The poster of the 29th edition honors the Festival’s convergent program, the essence of GIFF, which will bring together cinema, series and virtual territories this November. At a time when the limits of image technologies are being pushed back every day, the visual evokes the famous Reflets d’Or, the eponymous prizes of the Festival’s three historic international competitions.

The new identity also reflects the positioning of the Geneva Digital Market (GDM), which offers a unique showcase in Switzerland for the plurality of technologies and their potential for experimentation. Immerse yourself in a graphic cosmos of powerful elegance, inviting the audience to step out of their everyday lives, for a unique journey to the crossroads of genres and disciplines.



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