GIFF’s professional program, the Geneva Digital Market (GDM) is a think tank as well as a place to network and share ideas. The GDM, which is open to designers, producers, sellers and other operators in the digital audiovisual industry, has teamed up with Virtual Switzerland in 2019.

Every year, the Geneva Digital Market provides an opportunity for professionals accredited by the Festival to meet with the most talented European start-ups on the market, keep abreast of the latest trends in terms of digital creation and innovation, discuss new audiovisual forms and their financing, and invest in the best projects of the moment.

The exchange of knowledge, the flow of information and good practices relating to changes in the audiovisual sector, the financing of digital productions and ethical, technological and industrial issues relating to new digital forms have all been at the heart of GIFF’s professional program for the past six years. The Geneva Digital Market enables image professionals, companies and theoreticians from all over the world to discuss and share ideas about the essence of today’s audiovisual world and what it will be made of tomorrow.

From 2016 to 2018, as part of its New Digital Talents program – supported by Engagement Migros, Pro Helvetia and Media Desk – the GDM has gathered together talent selected throughout Europe to present its know-how and find future partners for their projects. Hundreds of individual meetings (match-making) have been organized following pitching sessions that have enabled several digital designers to achieve their project.

Addressed through the prism of the transformations generated by the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, man-machine interfaces, new augmented reality headsets and performing arts-related immersion (theatre, dance, etc.) have all featured as major topics in our previous events.
In 2019, the issue of collective VR experiences, the role of contemporary artists in immersive creation, the economic prospects and the impact of location-based VR contents have been addressed, as the way in which digital culture can be put to good use for historical purposes.

Alongside these round-table discussions, the Geneva Digital Market 2019 has renewed its SENSible initiative and has inaugurated five new programs: XR Coproduction Cruise, the Swiss Interactive Session, EuroFest XR Network, a Tech Day (in collaboration with Virtual Switzerland) and Cinema & TV Reloaded (dedicated to VOD issues).

The Geneva Digital Market enjoys the support of the Federal Office of Culture, Media Desk Switzerland, Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency, the City of Geneva, SRG SSR, Swiss Perform, the Leenaards Foundation and Migros Cultural Percentage.



Geneva Digital Market / 2016


Head of Digital and Professional Programs : Paola Gazzani Marinelli